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Delivering Perfection: Our Quality Assurance Standards

Behind the Scenes: How Our QC Machine Helps Us Deliver Top-Quality Products

Introducing our top-of-the-line Electric Bike Test System, designed to ensure the highest level of quality control for our electric mountain bikes. This state-of-the-art system simulates real-world riding conditions through its artificial pedal mechanism, allowing us to test the performance of our bikes in various scenarios.Our testing system measures key performance factors such as assisted speed, drive wheel output power, acceleration, climbing ability, and braking performance. It also includes a range test to determine the maximum distance our bikes can travel on a single charge. With the help of our Electric Bike Test System, we can guarantee that each bike we produce meets our strict quality standards and delivers the exceptional performance our customers have come to expect from us.

The machine is designed to simulate the repeated stretching, compression, torsion, friction, and fatigue experienced by components such as the frame, handlebars, seat post, and fork during actual use. Through this process, the machine is able to evaluate the lifespan of each component and ensure its durability and reliability. With precise control and accurate data collection capabilities, our fatigue testing machine is an essential tool for ensuring the highest level of quality and performance in our products.

Our Low Temperature Reliability Test is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and reliability of our products. This test is designed to evaluate the performance and functionality of various components under extreme low-temperature conditions (-30 degrees Celsius) that simulate storage, transportation, and actual use.The test primarily focuses on the Three Electric Components and plastic parts of our products, which are critical for their overall performance and reliability. These components are subjected to rigorous testing that includes, but is not limited to, thermal cycling, thermal shock, and low-temperature storage tests. Through this test, we can ensure that our products can withstand harsh low-temperature environments and provide reliable performance under extreme conditions.






Our high-temperature reliability testing machine is designed to test the reliability of various components, including electronic components and plastic parts, during storage, transportation, and actual usage in high-temperature (55°C) environments. By subjecting these components to high temperatures, we can assess their durability and ensure that our products meet the highest safety and performance standards. Our rigorous testing procedures help us identify any potential weaknesses in our products.



Our functionality and reliability testing machine uses simulation to replicate the effects of heavy weight pressure and friction on products. This helps us determine the functionality and reliability of the products we manufacture. The machine is designed to apply pressure and friction to various parts of the product, including sensitive areas, to ensure that they can withstand prolonged use and maintain their quality.

Our Durability Testing Machine for Outer Cartons is designed to simulate external environmental conditions to test the resistance of our cartons to breakage. The machine applies pressure and impact forces to the cartons to determine their strength and durability. By subjecting our cartons to rigorous testing, we ensure that our products are delivered to our customers in optimal condition. Our machine is equipped with advanced sensors and monitoring systems to accurately measure the impact forces and provide reliable data for our quality control team.

The Instrument Button Life Tester is a specialized machine used to test the lifespan and durability of buttons on various instruments. The machine simulates repeated pressing of buttons to evaluate their performance and lifespan. With precise control over the amount of pressure applied, this machine is capable of accurately testing the lifespan of each button. The Instrument Button Life Tester is an essential tool for manufacturers of electronic instruments, as it provides vital data for quality control and product development.

Our Seat Wear and Abrasion Testing Machine is designed to simulate the wear and tear that a seat undergoes during regular use. The machine uses controlled pressure and friction to test the durability and abrasion resistance of various seat materials. With this machine, we can ensure that our seats meet the highest standards.

Our Rotational Drop Testing Machine is designed to simulate the impact and drop of instruments and controllers in real-world scenarios, ensuring their functionality and durability. Using a rotating mechanism, the machine replicates the impact of drops from different angles and heights, allowing us to evaluate the device's ability to withstand impact and shock. The machine's precise control and high accuracy ensure reliable and repeatable results for testing and validating instrument and controller designs.

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